Selected Reviews
"Beethoven on sonic steroids was offered by South Korean-born American pianist Kwan Yi, who revealed the fire in his belly in a swashbuckling and elastic performance of the Sonata in C major. Yi gave a beautifully austere performance of Bach. Yi's Chopin was notable for the delicate, noble and tempestuous qualities he so vibrantly conveyed."

Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Pianist Kwan Yi's ravishing control and pitch-perfect clarity proved big gestures aren't needed to make big music."

Chicago Sun-Times

"The South-Korean native showed the technical polish and lyrical elegance needed for Liszt's kaleidoscope of show-stopping, then tender music."

Houston Chronicle

"Audiences were completely attracted by his electrifying luculent touch and volume throughout the recital. Pushy and ornate emotion was suppressed. The clearest expression of this aspect was shown in Chopin. He excellently contrasted tragic nature of the first theme with gracefulness of the second....his clear-headed caliber was straightly shown in his convincing performance of Liszt."

Ongaku No Tomo, Japan
<July 2020>

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